Holy Meal & holy meals

Today we begin a four-part series called The Sacraments at The Table.  We’ll be posting daily on this blog.  Grow in faith by visiting each day.  When you feel led, post a response.  May the reflections be manna for your journey in life and faith.

Nora Gallagher writes,

I like to think of those [earliest] Communions as folding a sacred version of bread and wine inside ordinary bread and wine, the way the feeling of having a soul, a self, in touch with something wider and deeper, is inside the skin and mind, inside our everyday selves.  I love the idea of the two together, the meal and the holy meal, a binding of sacred and secular, the ordinary and the extraordinary, so that the two don’t end up separated into realms that don’t speak to each other (The Sacred Meal,102-3).

When has sharing food been a holy time for you?