Sacramental Sharing of Food

The Leader’s Guide for a small group study called Just Eating states:  The word, sacramental, comes from a Latin root meaning sacred. If something is sacramental, it is holy and worthy of reverence or respect. It is the opposite of ordinary or mundane. The word also derives from Roman practices of making pledges of loyalty or commitment. When we participate in a sacrament, we commit ourselves to God’s reign and God’s ways.

  • A sacrament is a mystery that makes God’s presence in the world visible.
  • A sacrament is a symbol of God’s overwhelming love and grace, poured out for us.
  • A sacrament says “I love you” with actions and experiences, just as there are times when a kiss, a cup of tea, or a diamond ring can say “I love you” in ways words can’t.

When has sharing food been sacramental in your life?