Baptismal Journeys

Lisa Myers writes,

If you already know how to knit:  teach someone else.  Don’t worry that you don’t know enough – all you need to know is how to cast on, knit, and purl.  Don’t worry if you’ve been told you hold the yarn a strange way, or knit loosely, or if you’re left-handed.  Teach anyone who wants – or is willing-to learn.  There are almost as many ways to knit as there are knitters, and your student can sort out any idiosyncrasies later on.  For now, remember the person who taught you to knit, and pass on the gift (The Joy of Knitting, p. 15).

We gathered to celebrate the baptism of five children yesterday at The Table.  Such a gift and responsibility to be the community who will be teaching these children to practice their faith.  As we reflect on how me might accompany these children in their journeys, may we remember those who passed on the gift to us.