Are You There God?

We begin a four-week series at The Table this Sunday, October 31, on wrestling with the Divine.  We’ll begin the series with a service that invites reflection on the significance and meaning of faith.  This Sunday’s worship will draw on the story of Jacob from Genesis, Michael Krasny’s recently released Spiritual Envy: An Agnostics Quest, and Judy Bloom’s Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.

Are you there God?  It’s me, Margaret.  I’m going to temple today-with Grandma.  It’s a holiday.  I guess you know that.  Well, my father thinks it’s a mistake and my mother thinks the whole idea is crazy, but I’m going anyway.  I’m sure this will help me decide what to be.  I’ve never been inside a temple or a church.  I’ll look for you God.  (Are you there God?  It’s Me, Margaret pg. 57)

Maybe you know someone who thinks the whole idea of going to church is crazy.  Maybe you know someone who’s never been, or hasn’t been in a long, long time.  What would it be like for you to ask them to join you for a Sunday at The Table?  Can you even imagine?  Take a few deep breaths and try to picture yourself talking with them.  When you feel like you’re as ready as you can be, ask them.  Ask them in whatever way feels most authentic to you.  Take a deep breath and ask them to join you in a looking for God this Sunday at The Table.


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