Michael Krasny writes,

I set out to write a book that would help me discover what I believe. I had come across a quote by the British novelist Julian Barnes — who said, “I don’t believe in God but I miss him.” I didn’t know if I didn’t believe in God. But I did miss him. Him was the invisible father I prayed to every night as a boy and felt certain was watching over me. Him was the one upon whom I believed I could rely in time of need. Him was invisible to me but with full power over me. Him was who I lost as I got older and began filling my mind with content from books by Darwin, Nietzsche and Bertrand Russell. I would love to find him once more, to feel his presence inside me or outside of me — to know he is somewhere out there. I wanted him back. But I was devoid of evidence that he is or ever has been. I plead guilty to being wishy-washy — longing for him and calling on him in fear or crisis and pulling away in rationality and good sense. I could never again know him as I had known him as a child with the faith of my parents and ancestors now lost for my lifespan to the pale cast of intellect.

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Does Krasny’s experience resonate with your own?  What might you want to say to him?