God Is In

We’ll be weaving our first Beth Nielsen Chapman song into worship on Sunday.  It’s called God Is In (Goddess In) and it’s from her album called Prism (2007).

The lyrics include:

God is in the child’s eye, see them wide, wondrous wise
God is in the rain and snow, and each snowflake this we know
God is in the trees and air, the rocks the birds the bees the bears
God is in the clouds above, God is in each act of love
God is in the oceans deep, some say God goes there to sleep
God is in the mountains high whistling a lullaby
God is in the darkest wood, God is in your neighborhood
God is in a place that’s near…sometimes it’s just not so clear

Where have you noticed God today?  When has God’s presence been clear?  And when has God’s presence been not so clear?