From Set of Beliefs to Practice

In an interview with U.S. Catholic, Karen Armstrong is asked how should we respond to atheism.  She replies,

We need a rethink. We can’t reproduce the spiritualities of the past because we are 21st-century people, but we can learn from history and make the huge creative effort to translate its wisdom into our own time.

That’s going to be hard work, and people have gotten lazy about religion. They think it should be easy. They go in and sing a couple of hymns once a week at Mass and then return to their normal lives unscathed by the demands of the tradition. I think we need to reinstate the idea of religion as primarily practice.

What might our tradition demand of you in the coming days?  How will you practice your faith in the week ahead?


One thought on “From Set of Beliefs to Practice

  1. In twelve step programs the definition of insanity is, doing the same thing over and over expecting different results’ Seems to be the same with ‘church’ or ‘religion’ that keeps trying on to use division of heart, mind or spirit to bring God’s children together.A bit insane?
    My prayer and hope is to stop the insanity. My part starts with seeing my own division in my life and soul, bringing it to God for healing and then being a part of inclusive community, such as Table.

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