Hearing Christmas

Donald Heinz writes,

As the church kept reading or hearing the Gospel stories, it aspired to turn into them, to become a community worthy of its founding narratives.  After early centuries of hearing these Christmas accounts, there developed the religious festival of Christmas in the lived experience of Christianity.  Rehearing Luke in a churchly context today recenters the original story.  In the performance space of the church, the story resonates differently:  Mary’s womb is like the tabernacle housing the eucharistic bread; the Holy Spirit who came upon Mary is the one who still troubles the water of the baptismal font’ the community wants to be the manger that now houses the baby; banners, vestments, and great art model the divine-human synergy authored by the Incarnation. (Christmas: Festival of Incarnation, 13-14)

What do you expect to hear during this season in church?  Do you have a musical memory of a time in church during this season?



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