Standing for Koinonia

In worship yesterday we reflected on the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his experience with Finkenwalde Seminary in Germany during the rise of Hitler. Bonhoeffer’s discipleship ultimately cost him his life. His prophetic witness to costly Grace challenges us all to consider how we practice our faith today.

Where and how are you standing for Koinonia today?



2 thoughts on “Standing for Koinonia

  1. I make every effort to do good, do no harm and respect God every time I am out and about. Examples of this are; just being nice to people putting a smile on my face and saying good morning, afternoon or evening to all that I come across, I pick up trash where ever I see it, I encourage people to do the correct thing whenever I am asked, whenever I am asked I express my opinion without forcing it onto them and I volunteer when I hear there is a need for something I am capable of. I know these seem like small things, but if everyone did these little things it would make a big difference, toward this world being one big happy Koinonia.

  2. I think most of us cannot do “big” things to stand for Koinonia, but do seemingly small things in our daily lives. It is the intention with which we do these small things, like sharing a smile, volunteering, and challenging prejudice that creates Koinonia.

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