Power of Evil

Pastor Edward F. Markquart writes,

[The] power of evil is trying to ruin your life, mess up your life, screw up your life, foul up your life, make you miserable, and make me miserable. You can call this power of evil by any name that you want. You can call him devil, Satan, Be-Beelzebub, or Lucifer. You may not like the biblical language like devil, Satan and Lucifer, so you may use contemporary language like the power of evil, The Force e.g. in the movie Star Wars, or The Shadow e.g. in the psychology of Carl Jung.  Call Satan by any name you will, but there is a power of evil at work in this world. The purpose of evil is to harm and kill people. The purpose of evil is harming and killing children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and neighbors and strangers. He kills them one at a time like in a car accident, thousands at a time like in an earthquake or millions at a time like in starvation or six million at a time like in the Holocaust. The power of evil can strike suddenly like in a car accident or slowly like with cancer or starvation. But its purpose is always the same: to ruin and destroy people’s lives.

How will you turn away from the Power of Evil today? What will you turn toward in its place? What will this look like for you today?


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