Prayers of the People

We pray in our weekly Kitchen Table gatherings for those places in our own lives and in the world that are in need of God’s healing, reconciliation, and hope. We also offer prayers of thanksgiving for the places that are experiencing redemption and new life.

You’re invited to share your prayers in the comments section below.

For prayer concerns, we hope you’ll follow the form of prayer inspired by O-So-So, the Korean song we’re using for our time of prayer in Lent:

For the challenges we experience in friendships, for people who are seeking employment, for relationships between children and parents, for the anxieties that overwhelm us, for those who have lost their beloved parents too early, for those struggling as their lives near an end.  Come, O Lord Jesus, reconcile your people.

For prayers of celebration:

For families traveling over spring break, for the Grace received with a restart, for those who accompany us as we journey through Holy Week.  God who is Grace, we give thanks.

For what else do the people of God pray?


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