Active Listening

“My worry is that music, as an art form, is now so prevalent, we have forgotten how to listen actively.  The music in the liturgy can all to easily become part of that..tapestry of sound that our culture creates in the malls, elevator, dentist office, iPhone, etc…I suppose it’s also part of the push in postVatican 2-life toward full, active, and conscious participation-which most often gets interpreted as of necessity moving one’s mouth.  In reality, do we categorically comprehend music better when our lips are moving as compared to when we are listening actively?” (from Martin Jean, unpublished lecture quoted in Wonder Reborn by Thomas H. Troeger p 81)

This Sunday we will be invited to “listen” to most of the music instead of “singing along”…Consider how you might prepare yourself for this time of active listening:

Do you need to bring a quiet activity for your child so you can have a chance to concentrate?

Do you need to wear comfortable clothes?  Have a healthy breakfast?  Make sure your coffee cup is full?

Do you need to sit in a particular spot in the sanctuary that is most comfortable for you?

Take time to consider how you might best prepare to be an active listener  in worship tomorrow morning.


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