The Call to Ordination

The United Methodist Book of Discipline states:

Ordained ministers are called by God to a lifetime of servant leadership in specialized ministries among the people of God.  Ordained ministers are called to interpret to the Church the needs, concerns, and hopes of the world and the promise of God for creation…elders are called to ministries of Service, Word, Sacrament, and Order.  Through these distinctive functions ordained ministers devote themselves wholly to the work of the Church and to the upbuilding of the ministry of all Christians.  They do this through the careful study of Scripture and its faithful interpretation; through effective proclamation of the gospel and responsible administration of the sacraments; through diligent pastoral leadership of their congregations for fruitful discipleship; and by following the guidance of the Holy Spirit in witnessing beyond the congregation in the local community and to the ends of the earth (Paragraph 137 & 323).

What thoughts do you have on the “functions ordained ministers devote themselves to?”  How are they similar to what you expect of yourself as a follower of Jesus?


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