Ordination and Ekklesia

We gather for the final week of our worship series Ekklesia this morning at 10:30 am.  We’ll celebrate Matt’s ordination and reflect on God’s calling in our own lives.

Barbara Brown Taylor writes,

One midnight I asked God to tell me as plainly as possible what I was supposed to do.  “Anything that pleases you.” That is the answer that came into my sleepy head.  “What?”  I said, waking up.  “What kind of an answer is that?”  “Do anything that pleases you,” the voice in my head said again, “and belong to me.”  With no further distress I decided that it would please me to become a priest, and to spend the rest of  my life with a community willing to help me figure out what that meant.  It did not strike me as an exalted idea at the time, nor does it seem so now, almost ten years later.  The one true turning point in a person’s life is when he or she joins the body of Christ, however that comes about-by sprinkling or by immersion, by proxy or by confession.  That is the moment we join ranks with God…The decision to become ordained does not supersede that moment; it is simply one way of acting it out, one among very many others (The Preaching Life, 23).

For what purpose has God called you and how are you living out God’s call?


One thought on “Ordination and Ekklesia

  1. It was great seeing you recognized as one set apart for a specific calling – one of life’s unforgettable moments. Blessings on you, Matt.

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