Prayers of the People

Yesterday’s Worship at The Table invited reflection on reaching in love in Samaria, among the people we see as “enemy.”  We began with prayer stations and this clip from a documentary called My So-Called Enemy:

A recording of Sunday’s message is on our Podcast.  Listen here.

May God’s peace bring healing and reconciliation in our broken relationships and communities.  We pray for those who grieve over the loss of loved ones.  We pray for those discerning how to do good amidst competing obligations of family and vocation and self-care.  We pray for those who are in transition, for relationships which are ending, and relationship moving into new territories.  May God’s reconciling love be felt anew this day and every day.  Amen.

For what else do the people of God pray?


2 thoughts on “Prayers of the People

  1. We at the Sunday After Worship Kitchen Table ask that people pray:

    For those suffering from cancer and their families who are with them along the way
    For success in seeking employment
    For children who lost a parent unexpectedly
    And for peace of mind when it seems like the daily interactions seem so overwhelming.


  2. I have been focusing on prayers of thanksgiving. There is always more to rejoice for than we realize. I caught myself dwelling on the negative. Once I realized and named that, the weight was lifted. We all can see negative in the world. But God does wonderful things everyday around us. We have been trained to see the negative. We need to retrain ourselves to see God’s Grace around us.

    I pray that we all see the little miracles more and rejoice. Amen.

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