Feeding of the Five Thousand

Barbara Brown Taylor writes,

One thing that all four writers included in their gospels is the story about the miraculous feeding of the five thousand.  It was too important a story to leave out – too important in the life of Jesus and too important in the life of the church.  It was a story about Jesus’ ability to provide for their needs, and not only for their spiritual needs but for their human needs as well.  When they were sick, Jesus healed them, when they were sad, Jesus blessed them, when they were hungry, Jesus fed them (“The Problem With Miracles” from The Seeds of Heaven)

Imagine being sick, sad, and hungry.  If someone took care of you during those times and made sure all of your needs were met – how do you imagine you might feel?  How might you share that with those around you? We know that this story was included in all four of the Gospels, what do you thing might be the reason for this?


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