Prayers of the People

Reaching in Love (photo by Kerry Parsons)

We begin a new four-week worship series, Reaching in Love (An August Remix), this Sunday.

Reach in Love (an August Remix) will revisit themes from our July worship series. We’ll go deeper in discernment and continue reflecting on how we reach in love to our neighbors far and near.

August 7:  The Standard | Jesus

August 14:  Solo | Reaching in Love as Individuals

August 21:  Combo| Reaching in Love as Kitchen Tables

August 28:  Big Band | Reaching in Love as a Community

God of Healing and Hope,

May we come to know and feel your Grace anew this day. Rooted in your love, may our lives become offerings as we reach in love to those around us.  We give thanks for miracles taking place in our midst, for the physical and spiritual transformation of our church community.  We give thanks for those who hear your call to reach in love and respond with faithfulness.

As much as we long to be a community of hospitality and hope, we know we fall short of your standard.  Often with the best of intentions in our hearts, we cause harm.  May your love allow us to see clearly where we fall short.  May your forgiveness call us to better ways of living and loving.

We pray for those in transition, for those whose mental health is fragile, for those who live on the streets in our city, for those searching for employment, for those grieving, and for those anxious about the future.

May your healing and hope be made known this day.  In the name of Jesus our Christ we pray.  Amen.


One thought on “Prayers of the People

  1. Please keep my brother in law in your prayers. His health has turned for the worse and we ask for comfort and strength for him and my sister.

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