Prayers of the People

Ilene Byers art installation at The Table at Central UMC.

We reflected in worship yesterday on how God calls us to reach in love as individuals.  We wondered about the places in our lives where we feel “other” and the places in our lives where we cause those we encounter to feel “other.”  As we begin a new week in this worship series, let us pause to pray:

God of Hope and New Life,

May your Spirit sustain us as we seek to reach in love to those around us.  Grant us the wisdom to know where our efforts are needed and the courage to respond faithfully.

Make us more aware of how our actions and thoughts and imaginations dehumanize those around us.  Forgive us for our harmful ways.

May your Grace transform our broken lives.  May we, like Jesus, be transformed by the love and hope and faithfulness of those we fear and ignore.

We place our lives as an offering into your unfolding Grace.  May it be so.  Now and always, Amen.

For what else might the people of God offer prayers this day?


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