The Voice of God is Calling

Words by John H. Holmes 1913

(UMH #436)


“I hear my people crying in slum and mine and mill;

no field or mart is silent, no city street is still.

I see my people falling in darkness and despair.

Whom shall I send to shatter the fetters which they bear?”


We heed, O Lord, your summons, and answer:  Here are we!

Send us upon your errand, let us your servants be.

Our strength is dust and ashes, our years a passing hour;

but you can use our weakness to to magnify your power.


From ease and plenty save us; from pride of place absolve;

purge us of low desire; lift us to high resolve;

take us, and make us holy; teach us your will and way.

Speak, and behold! we answer; command, and we obey!


We stand in a long line of loving and faithful people.  Notice the year that these words were written.  Many generations have gone before us, answering God’s call to reach in love.  How will our community reach?  Whom will we send?  What need shall we meet?  When will be be ready?


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