Toward Sunday


Our worship this Sunday on Measuring Depth will be rooted in Matthew 20.1-16.


A parable is essentially an elaborate allegory. We are invited to see ourselves in the parables, and then apply them to ourselves.  I wonder where you see yourself in the parable of the laborers in the vineyard?  


Our worship series will invite us to reflect on growing deeper in our faith lives.  Matt’s message will focus this Sunday on how we measure growth in the context of faith, both individually and communally.  The laborers hired first in this story feel unjustly treated as they measure their labor and pay versus that of the laborers hired last.  Perhaps the story teaches us something about how differently we’re called to measure and evaluate amidst God’s kin-dom.  As we move toward Sunday, you’re invited to wonder about the following questions:


  1. How do you know whether you’re growing in faith?  
  2. Is it possible to measure how deeply your life is rooted in Grace?  How deeply you’re growing in faith?  How deeply your reaching in love?  How might you measure these things?
  3. When you think of a deeply committed follower of Jesus, what image comes to mind?  What is the goal, our outcome, you are working towards as you follow Jesus?  

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