clean edges of change

what might a clean edge of change look like?

The Clean Edge of Change by Carrie Newcomer begins with these lyrics:

First there is the folding in,
To gather light and dark to you.
The journey down so far that it,
Has nowhere else to go but through.

I thought if I tried hard enough,

With endless motion like a bribe,
As if by this the will of God,
Could be bent to my version of right.

What happens next is nearly weightless,

The opening where we stand breathless,
On the clean edge of change.

I don’t like being breathless.  I know that it is a figure of speech that means something  is “so great that it takes my breath away”.  But generally speaking that is not the norm for experiencing “breathlessness”.  Breathing keeps us alive.  When I am in “the hardest places” sometimes all I can do is “keep breathing.”  So being taken to a place, where I am going to stand breathless makes me wonder.  What sort of change might I anticipate?  I’m hoping it is the “so great that it takes my breath away”.

breathing and pondering our series on change,



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