One of Them

We will reflect upon the shepherds in worship this Sunday. Kenneth Bailey writes,

The shepherds were told that the presence of the baby in a manger was a sign for them. Shepherds were near the bottom of the social ladder and indeed, their profession was declared unclean by some of their rabbis. Many places would not welcome them. In many homes they would feel their poverty and be ashamed of their low estate. But no—they faced no humiliation as they visited that child, for he was laid in a manger. That is, he was born in a simple peasant home with the mangers in the family room. He was one of them. With that assurance they left with haste (The Manger and The Inn).

Who are the shepherds in your life today?  How might you welcome them?  If you find yourself in the role of the shepherds today, what does it mean for you to hear that the Christ child is with you?  The child is one of you?


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