Will the parade pass you by?

Palm Sunday at The Table will be a bit different for some folks this year.  Some may feel that the parade has passed them by because – well, frankly because we won’t have a parade.  We won’t wave palms ourselves.  We won’t “re-enact the story”.  Instead we will listen to our own story.  The early story of our community.  This might shed some light on where we are headed.  Then again, maybe not.  Frederick Buechner writes that  “True history has to do with the saving and losing of souls, and both of these are apt to take place when most people-including the one whose soul is at stake-are looking the other way.  The real turning point in our lives is less likely to be the day we win the election or get married than the morning we decide not to mail the letter or the afternoon we watch the woods fill up with snow.  The real turning point in human history is less apt to be the day the wheel is invented or Rome falls than the day a boy is born to a couple of Jews.”

Many things pass us by.  What might you be missing?  How might God break open your heart, your soul, your desire to be known and loved this day?


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