Toward Sunday.

We conclude our worship series, Faith & $, this Sunday with focus on Give. The series is rooted in Acts 4:32-35 and in a sermon called “The Use of Money” by John Wesley.  Wesley writes, having, first, gained all you can, and, secondly saved all you can, then give all you can.

We continue to live into the question of how Christ’s resurrection motivated such a unified, generous community in Acts.   And, conversely, how did the practice of sharing communal goods inform the early church’s understanding of the living Christ?  What might the Acts community have to teach us today about faith & finances?

We know that we have complicated relationships to money.  It’s hard for most folks to talk about money.  As you go through your days this week consider these questions:  What were you taught as a child about giving financially?  How did your family teach explicitly about giving?  What were some of the implicit message regarding giving in your family?

The early followers of Jesus seem to have taken Jesus’ teachings about giving to heart, perhaps going even further than Jesus taught.  It is enjoyable to think that they might have surprised even Jesus in their generosity and creativity for forming this new community!

What are your dreams for giving?  How might your dream become reality?  What next step do you need to take in order to put your desire to give into action?

May your desire to give meet the worlds needs to receive as you practice doing good, doing no harm and staying in love with God.


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