Toward Sunday

We begin a new worship series this Sunday called Farm to Table.  We hope these three weeks will provide a framework for celebrating how far we’ve come and discerning God’s unfolding call for our community’s future.  Worship will be rooted in the Gospel of John chapter 15 and the poetry of Wendell Berry.  Wendell Berry is a Kentucky poet and farmer.  He gave the Jefferson Lecture earlier this month for the National Endowment for the Humanities. Here is a link to the text in case you’d like to read a bit of his prose.

Here is the outline for the Farm to Table Worship Series

May 6 rooted in Grace

May 13 growing in faith

May 20 reaching in love

We will gather at Antonio Garza’s new farm, Feeding Crane Farms, from 4:00 – 6:00 pm on Sunday, May 20.  The gathering will be a celebration and time for imagining our future.  Join us for food, fellowship, and fun on the farm.  Children are welcome.  RSVP to Carissa Crail by email (

In our on-going efforts to reach in love as followers of Jesus at The Table, we will be collecting food for families.  We’re partnering with a local nonprofit where several of our folks work called Families First in identifying families with food needs.  We’ll have lists of needed items in worship on Sunday for folks to take with them.  We’ll collect items on May 20 to be distributed by Families First.

rooted in Grace

Where does your family get most of your food?  Where do you shop?  How often?  What do you grow?  Where and when do you eat out?   

Read John 15.1-6.  Jesus says, ”3You have already been cleansed by the word that I have spoken to you.”  Another word for “cleansed” in the Greek is pruned.  We begin from a state of being pruned.  The vine grower continues to prune our lives.  That which has died or needs to be let go of, is gathered and thrown into the fire for burning.  Such is the cycle of life on a farm.  At various points in our lives, God’s Grace prunes what is no longer necessary and allows us to bear new fruit.  What has this process looked like in your own life?  

May you experience God’s Grace as you contemplate these questions this week.


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