An old hymn may be just the thing to hear today.

These lyrics were composed by Henry F. Lyte in 1847 and put to music by W.H. Monk in 1861.  The hymn was written in the last year of Lyte’s life.  It is believed that it was written as a prayer.  This version is very easy to hear, but if you take time to listen to all the words you may no longer believe it is an easy song.

Writing on John 15, and the persistent, enduring love of God,  Susan Hedahl says   “Gods’ love towards Jesus is demanding, full of presence and promise, rich in public displays of God’s power.  It prunes, cleanses, molds, forms, challenges, and supports Jesus in his ministry.  This is the love of Jesus Christ in which we are invited to abide.  But what are the parameters for abiding?”

To what lengths has God gone to abide in your life? How far will you go for God?


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