Toward Sunday

A Dew family table.

Yesterday we made the first “stop” on our summer series, The Evolution of Church. Children danced, women sang as they tapped out rhythms and listened to the story shared by the voices of men.

This week we will experience the basic form of Christian Worship.   We see how the Jewish understanding of the way to give thanks taught Christians to do likewise by reading the early communion prayers. Psalm 118:26 records the sentiment of a gathering that honored God.  Set in a time before Christianity was accepted, the people met in homes around tables.   Worship grew out of the sharing of a meal as people retold the story of Christ.  They made sacrificial offerings of money and goods and were quick to welcome any in need. This simple verse refers to an early gathering:  Acts 2:46.

What do you remember about the way meals were shared in your home?  How might this shape what you expect around the communion table at your church?