I wonder

We continue to wonder about worship with the question:  Why does the church need to evolve – because people do?  Does God?

Let us consider this poem from Anne Broyles book “Meeting God Through Worship.”

Companion of the lonely,

Binder of wounds,

Seeker of lost souls,

Friend of the poor,

Source of all that is,

Forgiver of sins,

Voice of the voiceless,

Counselor of the confused,

Shelter from the storm,

Creator of heaven and earth,

we in our ways worship and adore you.

~Holly W. Whitcomb

Moses encountered a burning bush on his journey with God and understood that all of life was sacred and that in the moment of his awareness he was standing on holy ground.  Miriam followed the promptings of God and led her people to sing and dance with joy in celebration of God’s presence.   The God who captured the attention of Moses and Miriam continued to be active in their lives.  It is no different for us today, so many generations later.  Each generation of believers learn the story of God in creation and join in the celebration in their own day and time.  As our lives are transformed by God’s presence and power, so too must our worship reflect these changes.


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