Rooted in Grace

Alister McGrath writes,

For Luther, the great question of life was simple and profound: how could he find a gracious God? As a younger man, terrified of hell and convinced of his own sinfulness, Luther gave an answer that was widespread in German theological circles, as it was in popular Christian culture: if he wanted to get in with God, he had to make himself into a good person. … By developing his doctrine of justification by faith, however, Luther would dismantle such ideas and offer a radical, alluring alternative…we are confronted with the stunning, disarming, overwhelming declaration that God himself provides the righteousness required for salvation as a free, unmerited gift. God’s love is not conditional upon transformation; rather, personal transformation follows divine acceptance and affirmation (Christianity’s Dangerous Idea, 42 in Kindle Edition).

Where do you find yourself in relationship to working out your salvation and trusting in Grace?  Are you trying to make yourself into a good person in hopes of earning salvation? Are you trusting in God’s love and acceptance as sufficient?


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