Reaching in love.

Opportunities for reaching in love are often missed because we have a schedule to meet, or a deadline to pursue.  Sometimes we just get bogged down in the mess of words and opinions and can forget that God’s call to “love our neighbor” can be a simple meal around a table.  This week Matt and Eleanor shared God’s love on behalf of all of us at The Table.  See the story here:  Reaching in love.



One thought on “Reaching in love.

  1. I saw the story on news 10 with Matt delivering a chicken dinner to the glbt center, I was greatly heartened after a demoralizing day witnessing the traffic encircling the Fairfield Chick-fil-A, and hearing the victory celebration of the overjoyed revelers. All in the name of a faith I thought we shared. I understand the owner fears some divine retribution for our arrogance in redefining marriage, as though its meaning had not already twisted and turned throughout the biblical record, and the history that followed. But what troubled me was the number and ferocity of people’s reactions. As I watched with my partner I could hardly fathom how anything about our life could so threaten these people, or how denying us our rights could be the basis for such joy. I wish them no ill; I do not understand why these people, our neighbors, wish it to us.

    So I was heartened by this action, this reaching out in love, when only anger or outrage seemed possible.

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