From memory to hope.

The writer of the Gospel of John uses “bread” and “truth” and “light”, all symbols from the common fund of religious experience and life of those ancient times.  Jesus claims these symbols as an alternative to the titles people would have expected such as “king’”.  Why does John put these words together for Jesus?  Might it be important that the reader understand the significance of ones own experience as a path to believing in Jesus?

There have been many moments throughout these olympic games in which we have witnessed tremendous successes and failures.  In all of the moments, what common understanding about our human condition shines through?  Oscar Pistorius speaks to the advantages and disadvantages of his physical self.  What  memory might we take  from this runner gives hope to our own effort to practice our faith (doing good, doing no harm and staying in love with God.)?

Listen to the words from Oscar Pistorius as he shares his hope for this Olympics.  What words describe the hope you hold for yourself as a follower of Jesus?


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