Who knits?

The notion of knitters as grandmotherly and traditional women originated when knitting was a necessity, required to save money on clothing and, sometimes, to supply wartime needs for soldiers’ garments….(Today there is demand for knitted face masks to be worn underneath helmets for soldiers)  The memory of those times haunted women, who, in the 60’s and 70’s, took on new roles within the family.  2nd  wave feminists documented the changing attitude toward domestic work.  Women with paying jobs had less time to spare than money, so they were more apt to buy a sweater than make one.  Women remembered the knitting of their mothers and grandmothers as drudgery, so they shunned it.

Current knitter’s subvert stereotypes.  Onlookers can see that men and women knit.  Old and young and in betweens knit.  Some are trendy, while some appear traditional.  Some knit blankets.  Others knit bikinis.  And if you eavesdrop on conversations within a knitting circle, you’re bound to get an earful.  Some of it will sound like a foreign language…there is talk of increases, decreases, yarn overs, ripping and dps, and pssos.   There is also talk of God, and politics, sex, books, sports, work situations, children, lovers, doing good, doing no harm and what will be for dinner that may sound familiar.  When one recognizes oneself in the knitter, the knitting circle grows.

When you enter church if you see people who look like you, dress like you and talk like you are you more apt to stay and give it a chance?  At The Table we say “All Means All”.  How does this phrase play out as you visit our web site, check out our fb page, listen to our podcast or visit one of our gatherings?


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