Community vs Solo

Over 3,400 Crossfit gyms have popped up around the country since it started just over a decade ago. Gyms have a number of obvious, at least to me, advantages. Gyms have coaches who set programs and teach technique. Gyms allow athletes to workout in groups, encouraging and challenging one another. Gyms develop community and provide a place for people with similar goals to gather.  Gym membership is also expensive. Too expensive for many folks.

Many believe you don’t need a Crossfit gym to become a Crossfit athlete. Plenty of folks do Crossfit in their garages. I visited a friend of Linda’s last year who has been doing Crossfit out of her garage for many years.  Here is a photo of her garage gym…

Lynne’s “I Wish I Was 30 Years Younger Gym”

She’s disciplined and motivated. She works out mostly on her own in her garage. She connects with other Crossfitters online, but her day-to-day practice is solo. While she has purchased equipment over the years, she doesn’t have to pay monthly dues to a gym. The garage gym seems right for her and thousands of other folks.

What do you see to be some of the benefits of practicing your faith in community instead of going solo?  What are some of the costs and challenges of practicing faith in community for you?  Is it really possible to practice faith solo?  Or, is following Jesus necessarily a communal way of life?


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