Toward Sunday.

Photo by Debbie Cunningham. Antonio Garza of Feeding Crane Farms

This Sunday we will celebrate Labor Day in worship.  Our scripture focus is James 1:17-27.   The writer of James is concerned with the practical wisdom of right behavior (there are 59 imperatives in the 108 verses that make up the book of James).  The basic point is that “for faith to be real, it must be translated into deeds.  It is not enough to be a ‘hearer of the word’; one must become a ‘doer’ of the word as well.”  (New Interpreter’s Bible Vol. 12, pg. 189) Being “theoretically correct” matters little if your life does not conform to the ideas in which you believe.  This reflects a shift in understanding for the original audience and possibly for ourselves.  Once we have learned the basic tenets of our faith, may we consider ourselves practicing Christians if we do not put them into action?  In the photo you see Antonio Garza working in his field.  What would you think if you found out that Antonio did not eat any vegetables?  (of course he does!)  Would that affect whether or not you wanted to be part of his CSA?

As we seek to honor the fruits of our labor this week, consider the way in which you live. How does the work that you do fall into the simple rules of do no harm, do good and stay in love with God?  In what ways are you challenged?  In what ways do you feel strong?


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