Starting point.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem.  The word Bethlehem  literally means “House of Bread”. In our passage from Mark 6:30-44 this week Jesus provides bread for the crowd.  We should not be surprised given his hometown.  That was his starting point.

The way in which we view any given situation often determines what is possible.  Consider your usual starting point…do you start from scarcity or abundance? The disciples start from scarcity.  They seem aware of the inadequacy of their resources and deemed it impossible to feed the crowd.  Jesus accepts the bread & fish, offers gratitude for it and shares it with enough for everyone plus leftovers.

In any overwhelming circumstance, God invites us to “Bring what you have to me” (even if it is only a few loaves of bread.) Barbara Brown Taylor (in her book The Preaching Life) states that “is always where to begin-by bringing what we have to God.”

As we consider how we might Heal The Heart of Democracy, let’s be courageous and not allow ourselves to shrink from the overwhelming issues we are facing during this election time and beyond.  These challenges are not new.  Health Care, Immigration, Tax reform, Social Security etc, etc, etc.   At the same time we also have many, many gifts in our community.

How might the way you view things, from scarcity or abundance, shift the way you grow in faith this week? What is your starting point?


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