Dear Ones,

“The human heart, the vital core of the human self, holds the power to destroy democracy or to make it whole.”  (from Parker Palmer, Healing the Heart of Democracy p. 35)  Over the last 5 weeks we have been hard at work cultivating the Habits of the Heart that support political wholeness.  As you prepare to vote tomorrow, take time to remind yourself of these habits and allow your heart to break open:

  1. The understanding that we are all in this together.
  2. An appreciation of the value of “otherness.”
  3. An ability to hold tension in life-giving ways.
  4. A sense of personal voice and agency.
  5. A capacity to create community.

We have adapted this prayer from Pastor Steve Holmes and pray it as we watch over God’s community in love. “We pray that we will vote in love and not fear, that those who govern will act in love, not fear, and that we will make every choice, large or small, every day, all our life, not in fear, but in love, for this alone can heal the world, and believe it we shall.”

With hope in God’s unfolding future,

Linda & Matt


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