Mark is the only New Testament book which calls itself a gospel.  Right from the start, bold:  “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God” (Mark 1.1)  It is as though this is a title.  “We can demonstrate the importance of the message about salvation by reminding people that the word gospel originally meant ‘proclamation’ or ‘good news.’  Christianity did not begin with a new book.  Its Scripture was that of the Jewish people.  Christianity began with a ‘new message’ about what the God known through that Scripture had done in Jesus Christ…..The good news itself is a simple message of salvation in Jesus, which people can take anywhere in the world.” (New Interpreter’s Bible, Vol. 8, p. 529)

What message about Jesus do you carry with you?  What “Gospel” or “Good News” can you say out loud about Jesus without hesitation?  Who might you share this with today?


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