Traveling Light

photo taken at the Sacramento airport by Lindsay Shoemaker

Jesus doesn’t seem concerned about traveling light in the passage from Mark for this week.

He orders the disciples to “take nothing for the journey”.  I would have argued. Because I am a working mother pastor, I would have argued.  I would have said “You just don’t like to plan, you just don’t get what is required to travel and clearly you don’t have children.”  Or I might have said “You don’t really want to include me do you?  Because I don’t live a life in which I can ‘take nothing’.”   I might have said “The only way you are able to travel light is because everyone around you has your back, including me and so guess what Jesus, traveling light is a luxury that I provide FOR you.”  I might have said “I wish I could travel light”.  Then I probably would have thought to myself “I’ll show him how I can travel light.”   As I traveled along under the weight of my perfectly packed bag I would begin to think,  “Do I really need all of this stuff? Maybe Jesus has the right idea.”  But as soon as I saw that big crowd of 5,000 and it became clear that Jesus expected me to “feed them”….yeah, I would have been pissed. ~ Linda

Following Jesus.  Traveling light.  How do you feel about that this week?


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