Toward Sunday

We move into the last week of Advent as we WAIT WITHin the words of Micah 5.2-5.

“The speeches of the prophet we know as Micah are believed to refer to events around the eighth century BCE, a time of great unrest and turmoil for the northern kingdom and Jerusalem because of the domineering strength of the Assyrian nation. The people to whom Micah’s words were directed had no chance to match the warring might of their neighbors. Micah insisted that the only hope for them was to trust in YHWH’s power by remaining faithful.” (from Melinda Quivit) The people had to wait on God and have faith that their unfolding future was within God’s love and care.

Consider the longings that WAIT WITHin your own heart.  How have you brought these longings to God?  Through FB posts and tweets?  Through private or public prayer?  Through journaling?  Through worship? Maybe you have chosen to share out loud with another person over a drink or a meal.  When we take a “next step” by recording or sharing our longings, we open the opportunity for longings to become.  How might you share your deepest longings this week?


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