The Mystery of Self.


“There are mysteries which you can solve by taking thought.  For instance, a murder mystery whose mysteriousness must be dispelled in order for the truth to be known.

There are other mysteries which do not conceal a truth to think your way to but whose truth is itself the mystery.  The mystery of your self, for example.  The more you try to fathom it, the more fathomless it is revealed to be.  No matter how much of your self you are able to objectify and examine, the quintessential, living part of yourself will always elude you, i.e., the part that is conducting the examination.  Thus you do not solve the mystery, you live the mystery.  And you do that not by fully knowing yourself but by fully being yourself.”
 (From Wishful Thinking a Seeker’s ABC by Frederick Buechner p 76)


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