Healing and Grace


“I knew from her talks with me about her faith that coming to know grace – God’s unmerited love for her – was central to Leah’s growing sense of spiritual connection with the church.  Just the week before, we had talked long into the evening about grace and God’s desire that she flourish and know the fruits of life abundant, a concept that was new to her but one to which she was rapidly warming.  This week, however, a story-ritual about Jesus’ love for her, grace incarnate, had thrown her into a cold, frightening place where violence seemed to stalk her.  How might the church not harm her in the very same moment it is trying to convey to her the treasure of a love unending?  (from Trauma & Grace p 4-5 by Serene Jones)

 In what ways do you find it difficult to overcome trauma from previous church experiences?

 How might Grace open the door for you in healing your painful memories and experiences?


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