images“…little by little – less by taking pains than by taking it easy – the forgiven person starts to become a forgiving person, the healed person to become a healing person, the loved person to become a loving person.  God does most of it.  The end of the process…is eternal life.”  (from Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking pp. 104-105)

It is a goal to be sanctified.  I would like it if my sense of feeling forgiven leant an urgency to my own ability to forgive.  I hold back.  What am I waiting for?  Same goes for healing.  If there was a way to “bottle healing”  it would be a “free dispensary”   It would be grand if my desire to live life as a loving person was inspired from the love that I have received from those who first loved me.  It is by Grace  through faith that this will happen. ~ Linda

How are you putting yourself in the community and in the relationships that will allow your deepest desires to come to the surface?


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