Reference points


Having an understanding of God’s Grace may come in stages.  Sometimes we need reference points to help us build our house of faith.  This is why we have used the words Porch for Prevenient Grace (the Grace that goes before us), Door for Justifying Grace (when we say Yes back to God’s Yes to us) and House for Sanctifying Grace (where we live out our faith).  It may seem overwhelming at times to truly grasp the depth and breadth of God’s passionate love for us.  We may feel like we have lost our way through the many “definitions of terms” and that we just want to simply “know God”.  When our way becomes difficult, and the path toward God seems beyond our understanding these reference points may help us to simply return to the basics.  Porch, Door, House.  Do  good, do no harm, stay in love with God.  Root your life in Grace so you may grow in faith and feel inspired by God to reach in love.

The short scene below is a famous one from an old movie called “Hoosiers”.  The Hickory, Indiana high school basketball team has made it to the state championships and they enter the gigantic stadium where they will play against their South Bend rivals who are bigger and faster and poised to beat them. It is time for Hickory to practice.   These young men have never played on such an enormous court.  They are awestruck.  Their own incredulity threatens to immobilize them.  Watch what the coach (Gene Hackman) does to help the boys find a reference point and bring them into a place of knowing.  In this way they have a chance to play the game they love so much and not become lost.



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