Certain moments.


“I have found it true in my own life that certain moments capture the feeling of other moments; they show in one instant something I would like to be true of other instants as well.”  One might well say this about the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.  We pour water over the head of the one being baptized as an “outward and visible sign of the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ…” acknowledging the free gift of God’s love poured out for us.  Before we come to The Table for communion we make our confession public before God and our community and hear the words of assurance;   “With God’s grace that is beyond all understanding, we can be sure God calls us by name, saying there is no need to feel shame and that God’s door is always open.”  In church then, recognizing and naming Grace becomes a sacred moment.

When we encourage our community to learn about Grace it is, in part, so that you will be able to have sacred moments everyday.  A life that is rooted in Grace makes growing in faith possible.   From that faith one is inspired to reach in love.  When we are able to reach in love to serve our neighbors we recognize them as God’s beloved and hopefully ours too.  And that…becomes “a certain moment”…no longer ordinary but sacred.

Look for ordinary moments today when you break bread with your friends and family.  When you give your child a bath.  As you hold hands with your partner and breathe in a quiet moment.  May these certain moments point you in the direction of God.

(quotes from Creative Dislocation – The Movement of Grace – by Robert McAfee Brown p.  18)


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