who do you say I am?



Who Do you say..I am?
verse 2 by AGAPE (David Scherer)

Person A thinks the savior is love
It’s Jesus who frees us so grace is enough
When she isn’t right.  She lives her life as if it’s like
She’s really been forgiven by the living Christ
Person B can’t seem to find the love path.
Reads about the blood bath thinks the Maker loves wrath.    
She doesn’t see the cheek get turned
When she sees all the kids on her street get burned.
Person A finds Peace. Person B fights war.
Different people same person that they claim to fight for.
Person B fights more.  With a loud shout.
Person A now doubts cuz she’s getting drowned out.
She said I want my Jesus back.  I’m tired of getting Jesus Jacked.
I need him back.
So she took him all the way back to Brooklyn.
Said, “Look inside for peace if you’re wondering where I put him.

 Who do you hear people say Jesus is that makes you doubt your own answer?



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