Who is he?


Who Do You Say I Am?
by AGAPE (Dave Scherer)

Verse 3

He’s my brother my brother my brother brother
And there will never be another for love he suffered so that we know
Love-the subject of every song that he wrote  
Turned death into life turned Evian to Pinot
Hung with the lepers in the spot not lectures
But he taught through stories the glorious hero 
Homeless refugee like Sarai and Abram
They tried to detain him and Abu Ghraib him
His fight was amazing that’s why we praise him
After hibernating “The Power” raised him
And that’s the promise we can take to the grave
Evade all the hatred that you makes you a slave
And let love do its thing un-cond-atonally
Ask Death where’s the sting?
He stepped on the scene and brought life
The Jesus of history and the cosmic Christ (It’s like…)

Who do you say…I am?


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