Our passage for this week tells the dramatic story of Saul’s conversion.  He receives a new name, a new passion and new life grounded in sharing his witness of Jesus.  I’ve never had a religious converson like that.  A conversion that changes me instantly. Not yet anyway.  I have had other sorts of reversals in my life; changes in which I am instantly different. The first time I had great sex.  Becoming a mother.  Losing my father.  I know that following these moments I was changed.  These moments brought a sort of clarity that is unquestionable.  The event happened.  I was changed.  Full stop.   In my faith, I have come to appreciate a life of long, slow work towards the mystery of God. (the opposite of conversion)  In that regard, clarity seems over rated.  Daily improvisation with those in my “band” is how I am rooted in Grace and where I am growing in faith everyday.   

How is it for you?  Conversion or long, slow work?  What does the “band” that allows you to improvise look like?



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