Toward Sunday

We continue with week 4 of our worship series:  Yes to the Mess: Surprising Lessons from Jazz & Acts.  This series is structured around a book called Yes to the Mess: Surprising Leadership Lessons from Jazz by Frank J. Barrett.  Throughout this worship series we will hold Barrett’s reflections on jazz in creative tension with the development of the earliest church as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles.  

This week worship at The Table will explore the balancing of freedom and constraints and be rooted in Acts 11.1-18.  We learn more about Peter who is now on trial.  Peter carefully details how the visions he and Cornelius experience have allowed them to see that God’s love is open even to people who weren’t born into their community (Gentiles).  All means all.   Essentially, Peter is holding in tension the established norms (constraints) of his community of faith with a genuine desire to welcome “outsiders” into the community (freedom).  Peter urges the community to error on the side of minimal constraints in order to maximize freedom within the body of Christ on this side of Easter.  

Our Kitchen Tables bring small groups of us together each week to watch over one another in love around minimal constraints (our three Wesleyan rules).

What small group do you meet with regularly that enables you to practice your faith?

In what ways do these minimal constraints help you to freely practice your faith?

When have you wanted more constraints?  When have you wanted less constraints?


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