In  “Concerto for Cootie” later named “Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me” listen for the diverse style and range of trumpeter Cootie (Charles Melvin) Williams.  This piece was created specifically for Cootie by Duke Ellington.  Never before had a trumpeter played with such a diverse style and range, from mute to blaring high notes.  Rather than forcing Cootie Williams to conform to an “Ellington sound,”  Ellington created a vehicle for Williams to branch out and discover his own voice.

Imagine that God is like Duke Ellington; creating individual lives for each of us to inhabit and celebrate.  Imagine that God does not want you to live in restraint but in freedom – to do and be and love in the way that only you are able.  How might this understanding move you to witness to your faith with another person today?

Longer version:


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