Toward Sunday

We have reached the final week our worship series, Yes to the Mess: Surprising Lessons from Jazz & Acts.   This Sunday we arrive at the YES of the Mess by lifting up the learnings we have had over the last 8 weeks.  The messages of this series are on our podcast

This week’s worship will be rooted in Acts 2:37-42

This passage lifts up Peter’s dramatic claim that the crucified Jesus of Nazareth is, in fact, the risen Christ of God.  The writer of Acts tells us “They were cut to the heart.”  Perhaps the crowd’s emotional response is simply recognition of their own guilt in the matter of Jesus’ death….The crowd’s question, ‘What shall we do?’ is more than rhetorical; it makes a sincere request for instruction that will lead to forgiveness and restoration.  As such, the theological subtext of their question of Peter is this:  Will God forgive and restore them even if they do repent of their participation in Messiah’s death?”  (from the New Interpreter’s Bible vol 10 p 67)

In the concluding pages of Yes to the Mess, Frank Barrett writes:  “The improvising organization creates fluid structures that form, dissolve, and reform as new situations and challenges arise.”  This newly formed community of Jesus’ followers struggled in many ways.  But we are here today, still growing in faith as living witness to the “Yes” they uttered in mess after mess.

In what ways does your faith community create spaces for people to tell stories about how they are doing good, doing harm and practicing the Christian disciplines?  What additional opportunities might you take to increase the depth of sharing, learning and insights from one another?  What might you help eachother UNlearn about previously held notions and beliefs that have wounded you or caused you harm in regard to church?  What new challenges are on the horizon for you?  For your church?



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